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//About Glaucoma

The American Optometric Association in collaboration with Pfizer is embarking on a “Glaucoma Patient Education Awareness Campaign” to help educate the American public, especially those at high risk for glaucoma. Glaucoma quietly and gradually diminishes sight which greatly reduces the quality of life for these Americans who suffer from this disease. This “thief of sight” often robs people of their vision without symptoms. It is estimated that three million Americans have glaucoma and nearly one-half of those are unaware that they have it.

The AOA, in collaboration with Pfizer, is launching a national syndicated radio audio news release, “The 60-Second Check-Up”. Every Monday through Friday, “The 60-Second Check-Up” will provide radio listeners with interesting and vital health information. The segment airs on ABC Radio Network.

While a cure does not exist for glaucoma, early detection is key to helping control the disease. Regular eye health examinations are an important means of detecting glaucoma in its early stages. Glaucoma can usually be treated effectively by using prescription eye drops or other medicines. In some cases surgery may be necessary. Unfortunately, any loss of vision from glaucoma cannot usually be restored. However, early detection, prompt treatment and regular monitoring are effective in slowing vision loss for many patients.

Author: Dr. William Breen

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