Allergy Season

//Allergy Season

Allergy season has snuck up on us again and patients are starting to enter the office with red, watery, and itchy eyes. Pollen, dust and animal dander can all cause symptoms that limit enjoyment of this remarkable time of the year. Fortunately, many of my patients who suffer from allergies have found significant relief with lifestyle adjustments and/or medication to help with their symptoms.

There are two basic categories of allergy medication. The first category is Antihistamines. Antihistamines limit the irritation of itchy or watery eyes, running nose, and sinus congestion. The second category of medication, called stabilizers, can actually block the allergen from irritating you in the first place.

Allergies are just a part of life for many of us. Many eye symptoms are mild and can be treated with cool compresses, artificial tears, and over the counter remedies. However, I have found that with appropriate diagnosis and properly prescribed medication, many allergy sufferers have dramatically improved their quality of life with little or no side effects that are commonly experienced with over the counter medications. With adequate therapy, I have been able to keep many contact lens wearers in their contacts safely and comfortably during this annoying time. If you suffer from itchy, red, watery, or burning eyes; runny nose or sinus congestion, give us a call so we can diagnose and alleviate your symptoms accurately and effectively.

Author: Dr. Matthew Skrdla

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