Are Your Sunglasses Right For Your Eyes?

//Are Your Sunglasses Right For Your Eyes?

Here in Colorado, we all deal with sun glare, blinding snow, and more than often, melting snow and glare from roadways and cars. The need for sunglasses is huge but when you are purchasing your sun wear, are you getting the best protection and comfort for your eyes?

Polarized lenses are unsurpassable in delivering visual comfort and sharp vision for the everyday commuter to the sports enthusiast. Polarized lenses cut down glare substantially from windshields, water, and virtually anything that reflects light. Even though you may wear sunglasses that provide 100% of UVA and UVB protection, those lenses won’t stop the glare from entering the eye therefore, causing strain, distortion, and discomfort when trying to see in varying conditions. When you wear polarized lenses, eyes are immediately more relaxed and a clearer view can be seen because all the stray light and glare is virtually eliminated. Polarized lenses are nearly essential with any water sport, including fly-fishing, boating, and water skiing. They are also especially good for golfers, skiers and snow boarders, helping them determine contour by drastically reducing sun glare.

Polarized lenses come in all different colors, even Transition lenses. To make sure you’re getting the correct shade and type of polarized sunglasses, make sure your eye doctor is aware of your needs and interests, then the best polarized sun prescription can be tailored to your individual needs.

Author: Dr. Ruth Scholten-Lellbach

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