Children and Myopia

//Children and Myopia

Children and Myopia – There is a good reason for kids to go play outside.

A recent study published shows that myopia (nearsightedness) not only has a genetic component, but also an environmental one. Several studies examining myopia in large populations were analyzed. They report children who spend more time outdoors have less risk of developing myopia.

The critical factor seems to be total time spent outdoors during daylight hours. The specific activity does not seem to be a factor at all. Interestingly, children who play sports in indoor arenas are more likely to have myopia than children who spend that time outdoors.

Children who were myopic were also found to spend an average of 4 more hours a week watching television as compared to non-myopic children. That trend also applied to children who were genetically predisposed to myopia.

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Children and Myopia – There is a good reason for kids to go play outside.
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