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//Dakota Smith Eyewear

Dakota Smith is not just an American eyewear brand. It is an attitude. Rich in spirit and conviction, Dakota Smith is about freedom of expression. It defines urban cool. Geared towards 18 to 35 year old trend setting men, Mees & Kaminski Eyecare, P.C., carries the full line of Dakota Smith eye wear. The collection speaks to those original thinkers who shape our culture. They are the innovators, influencers and mavericks who go against the grain to break new ground. They are the musicians, artists and athletes who set the trends.

Dakota Smith embodies true American independence and the hopeful idealism that exists in all of us.

To see this exciting line of new eye wear, visit us at 2130 Mountain View Avenue, Suite 207, Longmont, CO 80501. Or phone us at 303 772-2755.

Dr. Kaminski and Dr. Mees also provide the full array of eye care services.

Author: Dr. Jason Kaminski

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