Do I need anti-reflective lenses?

//Do I need anti-reflective lenses?

Seeing better, looking better, and having a better performing lens are just a few of the benefits. However, selecting the right brand of anti-reflective lens is critical to overall performance. The following are benefits of such higher quality lenses such as Crizal Alize and Avance.

One benefit of the anti-reflective lenses is cutting down glare and is a must in sunny Colorado. Whether it be glare from snow, headlights driving at night, or even from our computer screens, glare is a part of our everyday life and minimizing this can give a person not only clearer vision, but less headaches and eyestrain. Anti-reflective lenses, like Crizal Alize and Avance, actually let more light in, 99% as compared to only 88% in regular lenses, resulting in a lens that allows you to see better.

You will actually look better in this type of lens as well. The lenses appear almost invisible. This allows people to see you, not the reflective shine off of your lenses.

The other benefit that the higher quality anti-reflective lenses possess is that they are hydrophobic. They actually resist oil, water, and fingerprints. This allows the lens to clean much more easily and stay cleaner longer.

Don’t compromise the quality and performance of your eyewear. Be sure to ask your Optometrist the next time you are purchasing new eyewear to incorporate the latest in anti-reflective lens technology. Make sure you give your eyes the best.

Author: Dr. James Moore


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