Doctor… Why are My Eyes Watering?

//Doctor… Why are My Eyes Watering?

When your eyes begin to water and you’re only working at your computer it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a sympathetic side.

There are a number of reasons why our eyes can begin watering. One of the most common causes is Dry Eye Syndrome (DES). When the nerves in our eyes sense an area of dryness, our brain receives a signal to produce more tears. If the dryness is minor the watering may occur only occasionally. However, if the dryness is severe the watering may occur throughout the whole day. In certain states like Colorado where the air is very dry many people will start to develop the beginning of watering eyes.

The tear film is made up three layers- mucous, water, and oil. If there is an insufficiency in any of these then dry eyes can occurs. For many years eye drops were the main treatment to help resolve this problem. In the early stages treatment with artificial tears such as Alcon’s Systane Ultra or Optive by Allergan may be sufficient, but in many cases this treatment is short term and advanced treatment will be necessary.

We have now learned that Dry Eye Syndrome is much more complicated than what we knew just a few years ago. The good news is we have a better understanding of the complicated nature of the human tears and are we are developing better ways to improve all DES conditions. If your eyes are watering then an evaluation from your local eye doctor is recommended to determine if it is dry eye syndrome or another eye condition or disease.

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