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Is your look Sassy, Classy, or Flashy?

What’s the first thing most people notice when they meet and greet you? Everyone knows the answer to that question…your eyes! Some people have great vision, but millions more are lucky enough to wear glasses in this current fashion market where the designer selection is virtually unlimited! You don’t wear the same shoes every day, but you need your eyes all the time, so why not pamper yourself with a couple different styles? Don’t forget, everyone, perfect vision or not, needs to consider sun protection to keep those peepers healthy, so let’s all live it up!

Every time we turn around in the eye care profession, another top designer has entered the eyeglasses frame market. One after another, new frames come down the runway, each one more dazzling that the last. Saks Fifth Ave, Coach, Dana Buchman, Michael Kors and Anne Klein have all captured the up-to-date professional look, while Guess, Ferrari and Sean John let people know you have it all when it comes to style!

Don’t let the celebrity eyes hog the spotlight. Rock your vision with Ed Hardy, Betsey Johnson and Tommy Bahama, or go all out and treat yourself to big-time bling with Caviar, Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier or a little Bvlgari Elisa special edition frame for your baby blues. And we didn’t forget the kids: Disney Princesses, X-Games, Hershey’s and Scooby Doo top the charts for the discerning younger set.

High fashion glasses and sunglasses are made with meticulous precision befitting the name on the label. Don’t be fooled by deals that look too good to be true. High-end labels on frames at discount and chain stores are usually from a discontinued or inferior line and if it slips and falls, those Swarovski crystals can’t be replaced.

When you buy premium clothing, the boutique won’t take it back after you’ve worn it for a month. They shouldn’t need to because their trained sales staff helps you select the right item the first time. Such is the case with eyewear; trust your only pair of eyes to the experts. They will consider your individual style, along with your vision and eye health needs, to create a customized look for you, and they’ll back it up with a solid warranty.

So go out there and make a dazzling first, second, or many times over impression on your world. Your eyes have to last your whole life long and they work hard every day, so treat them well and frame them with style!

Jacquie Bowen, O.D.

See Life Vision
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Greeley, CO 80634

Author: Dr. Jacqueline Bowen
See Life Family Vision Center
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