Glaucoma and New Technology

//Glaucoma and New Technology

Glaucoma detection is fast becoming a new science based on high-tech devices that analyze our vision in the greatest depth ever. The Vision Source office of Monument Vision Clinic in Monument, Colorado is leading the way in utilizing this high-tech science.

Glaucoma is an eye disease that can cause progressive loss of vision due to increased pressure in the eye, resulting in a compromise to blood flow to the optic nerve and retina. In the “old days”, optometrists relied on measuring pressure in the eye, a procedure called tonometry, to diagnose glaucoma. But we know that some patients had glaucoma even though their pressure was in a normal range. These patients would have suffered significant vision loss before a glaucoma diagnosis could be identified.

A new process called Ocular Coherence Tomography allows us to measure the health of the optic nerve and the nerve fibers that lead to the optic nerve at a level not previously found. Since glaucoma first affects these nerve fibers before any visual symptoms are noticed, optometrists can diagnose glaucoma earlier even though pressures may not be yet outside of a normal range. This new technology is easily performed in the office as part of a glaucoma evaluation.

Monument Vision Clinic is delighted to announce that we have the latest instrument in this area, the Zeiss-Meditec Cirrus OCT. This instrument is a valuable addition to our glaucoma evaluation and treatment.

Author: Dr. Frank Puckett

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