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Starting in the 1980’s on a beach on Maui, Maui Jim sunglasses have grown to become global leaders in cool sunwear. Maui Jim sunglasses is one of those brands that once you try it, you’ll never be satisfied with anything else. Also, nearly 90% of all Maui Jim styles can be fit with a prescription. This way, you can get the highest quality prescription sunglasses available.

Maui Jim sunglasses are premium outdoor eyewear that ensures that you have glare free sun protection while keeping colors bright and vibrant. This is due to their revolutionary Polarized Plus 2 technology. Both the Polarized Plus and Polarized Plus 2 technology provide protection against UV rays by blocking 100% of it. They are also able to manage the blue light spectrum giving the wearer a balance of sun protection without interfering with color balance.

Maui Jim sunglasses are able to manage the three types of sun glare (reflected, direct, and bounce-back) for increased clarity and comfort outdoors. If you have ever found yourself squinting behind your sunglasses, it was because one or all three of these glares were not being eliminated.

Maui Jim sunglasses can be found at select Colorado Vision Source eye doctors.  Call you local Vision Source office for details.

Author: Dr. George Hertneky

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