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Yes! In our ever-changing Colorado climate, we need all the advantages we can get! Think about all the glare coming off wet roads after a rain storm. Or the sharp glaring light reflected off a fresh layer of snow. Not to mention those of us who commute into the sun in the morning AND on the way home. Polarized lenses make working and playing in any season so much more comfortable.

A polarized lens is made by laminating a polarized filter between two clear lenses. This filter eliminates any sharp white light – glare – from horizontal surfaces like roads, car hoods, windshields, and water. It is this filter which provides the color of the lens as well, usually grey or brown. Because the filter is underneath a lens, it does not fade or change color over time like a tinted lens. Colors appear more saturated and truer when viewed through a polarized lens as well.

Our offers polarized lenses in both 1.50 and 1.60 index and in four colors – light brown, dark brown, grey and grey-green. It is available in both single vision and progressive lens designs. AR is important on any lens and that is why we offer PolAR Package on all polarized lenses – Super HiVision antireflective treatment on the back side and Clarity Shield and View Protect on the front.

Specialty polarized lenses include, Drivewear, Fairways, Kaenon

Author: Dr. William Breen

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