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Michellie Jones,  World Triathlon Champion.  Ivan Basso, professional cyclist, Team Liquigas.  Enrico Fabris, world-class speed skater.  What does this world-class triathlete, cyclist, and speed skater all have in common?  They all wear Rudy Project high performance sport sunglasses that afford them the ultimate is advanced science, design, performance, and style.

We’ve carried Rudy Project sunglasses since April 2003.  As a runner, cyclist, and triathlete himself, Dr. Kaminski has worn Rudy Project sunglasses since 1999.  Why?  Because he feels they are the best sport sunglasses on the market.  They have the highest quality optics of any sport lens on the market.  They use unique lightweight materials and products.  They have adjustable temple and nose pieces to eliminate fogging for total comfort, adjustability, and customization.  They are still made in Italy.  They come with a hard case and cleaning cloth.  Their many different styles afford the option of interchangeable lenses, both in non-prescription and prescription.  They have a replacement lens guarantee.  And they’re cool.

Whether you’re a world-class athlete, a competitive age-grouper, or a weekend warrior, give yourself the best and protect your eyesight and vision with Rudy Project sunglasses.
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Author: Dr. Jason Kaminski

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