Shooting Sports and Vision

//Shooting Sports and Vision

Good vision and visual skills are a vital component in your enjoyment of any shooting sport. Whether you use a bow, a pistol, a rifle, or a shotgun, you need to be able to link your eyes and your target effortlessly to be a good marksman. Hunting, target shooting, personal defense, and competition all have their unique vision demands. As you grow older and your focusing system loses flexibility, these vision demands increase even more.

Your Vision Source optometrist can first examine your eyes and verify that everything is healthy and determine the best type of visual correction for you. Let your doctor know what shooting activities you enjoy, and how your vision is performing during these activities. A special pair of glasses might give you the protection and the vision you need for your favorite shooting activity. Having your prescription made in an amber-tinted lens could make those clay birds stand out for you. Contact lenses or laser vision correction may be just the solution for your hunting and camping trips. Many times the best hunting, especially for you waterfowl enthusiasts, is when the weather is the worst. Rain and snow can make eyeglass wear difficult.

Another area to have your optometrist evaluate is your dominant eye and your ability to use your eyes together. We like to use our dominant eye for any sighting task, like aligning the sights of a pistol, but challenges can be created when your dominant eye and hand are opposite. Archers especially need to be able to judge distance to their target, and good binocular vision greatly aids your accuracy. Exercises and activities can be practiced to enhance your ability in this area.

So tell your Vision Source optometrist how much you enjoy your shooting hobbies, and allow him or her to put you on your best game!

Author: Dr. Frank Puckett

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