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Eyewear for sports has two important features: high-end performance and high-end style. Everyone wants to look good in their sunglasses and everyone wants to see well out of their sunwear.

Think of your sun eyewear as “sun sporting goods”. Good sport glasses push the limits of form, function, and fit. State-of-the-art high technology sunglass sporting goods not only look good, but they perform with superior vision.

Quality sport eyewear handles the rigors of the specific sport and at the same time provides high-end prescription performance. Here are the brands you need to be sun sporting savvy about:

Oakley HDO and Alpina PSO are often the answers to sporting sunglasses Rx solutions with corrected-curve optics. The best polarized sunglasses with the greatest panoramic effect for optimum vision are Maui Jim brand. The brand best suited for motorcycling, motor-racing, and safety sunglass features is Wiley-X. Rudy project is well-known in cycling circles. Costa Del Mar is your hunting and fishing sun sporting glasses. Sun, skiing, and fashion are perfect conditions for Smith Optics, Quantim Optics, and Nike Vision.

Ask your eye doctor about the importance of quality sport eyewear. UV protection for optimum eye health and uncompromised optics are topics your family optometrist can best help you with. Remember, sun sporting goods are essential in keeping your eyes healthy and safe with great optics, performance, and protection!

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