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Being an avid hunter myself, I appreciate the eyewear needs of other sports enthusiasts. Whether you work outdoors for your living or are the occasional weekend golfer, proper eye protection is critical. With 300 days of sunshine per year, the great outdoors beckons Colorado residents. Hunting, fishing, biking, tennis, golf, water and snow skiing all present different sunglass needs. While all these activities require sunglasses that provide 100 percent UVA and UVB protection, other variables such as lens material and tint are equally as important, not only for eye safety but also for better vision and improved performance.

There are many factors to consider when choosing sunglasses for your sport of choice. The best sunglass tint for a sunny day on a tennis court will likely be too dark when golfing on an overcast day. Sunglass tints are available not only in the traditional grey, green and brown but also yellow, orange, amber, rose, red, dark amber, vermillion, and copper. These various tints have their own advantages for enhancing vision in different weather conditions.

Other performance-enhancing features to consider for your sports sunglasses include: Transitions® lenses that lighten and darken automatically in changing light and weather conditions, polarized lenses (such as Kaenon® and Xperio®) that eliminate glare from reflecting off water, sand, snow and even the windshield in your car, anti-reflective treatment on the back surface of your sunglass lenses, mirror coatings for very bright, full-sun environment., and Drivewear® lenses that combines polarization and photochromics.

With all the choices available, our doctors and skilled opticians can help you choose the best sunwear for your specific needs. Our office is conveniently located at the southwest corner of Yosemite and Arapahoe Road just west of I-25. Whether your needs for sunwear are for skiing at Vail, cheering on the Denver Broncos at Invesco Field, jet skiing at Cherry Creek Reservoir or sightseeing at the Denver Botanical Gardens, you have plenty of choices to make your sunwear needs more enjoyable. Just like wearing different clothes for the various seasons, having more than one pair of sport sunglasses is optimal for your visual comfort and peak performance.

Author: Dr. William Breen

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