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Sports is a big deal in Colorado. Sports vision training can help top athletes get an edge on the competition.

When an athlete takes the field of play, many things go through his head. Where is the ball? Where are my teammates? Where are the opponents? Probably the last thing that enters an athlete’s mind is how is my visual system working at this particular moment? Yet, athletes should be completely in tune with their vision in order to perform their best.

Sports vision training is a method of performance enhancement that has been proven to take athletes of all levels of competition to the next level.  It is safe, legal, and has only positive consequences both on and off the field. Sports vision is a tool that coaches and parents can use in their athlete’s training regime that is very effective.

The basic premise of sports vision is that the eyes lead the body. By enhancing the vision system’s basic components the athlete is able to perform at a high level. The vision systems involved include visual acuity, eye tracking, focusing, and peripheral and central awareness. By stressing or loading the visual system during sports specific training the athlete can better prepare for competition.

Dr. Thomas A. Wilson, a Vision Source doctor, has authored the book SportsVision Training for Better Performance. This book is available through Human Kinetics and can also be purchased on Amazon. You will find over 500 sports vision sports specific activities in an easy to read format with illustrations and examples. Dr. Wilson can be contacted at Monument Vision Clinic or Chapel Hills Vision Clinic. Please see this webpage for contact information.

Author: Dr. Thomas Wilson

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