Sports Vision Training

Sports is a big deal in Colorado. Sports vision training can help top athletes get an edge on the competition.

When an athlete takes the field of play, many things go through his head. Where is the ball? Where are my teammates? Where are the opponents? Probably the last thing that enters an athlete’s mind is how is […]

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Shooting Sports and Vision

Good vision and visual skills are a vital component in your enjoyment of any shooting sport. Whether you use a bow, a pistol, a rifle, or a shotgun, you need to be able to link your eyes and your target effortlessly to be a good marksman. Hunting, target shooting, personal defense, and competition all […]

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Pistol Shooting and Your Vision

If you enjoy shooting your pistol, and if you want to improve in your abilities, you will want to understand how your eyes perform in this complex task. Good shooting skills require coordination of the motor system and the visual system. Our eyes tell us what and where the target is, and at the same time […]

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Sunglasses for Cycling

On the road, on the mountain trail, or even out and about in the neighborhood, good protection from the wind, dust and even tree branches is essential for enjoying the great sport of bicycling.

Advances in today’s technologies allow nearly everyone to benefit from the increased safety and comfort of a good pair of sunglasses […]

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Sports Related & Sporty Eyewear

With the increasing requests for sport eyewear, manufacturers have put aside additional capital for the testing of sport specific products, together in the industry and out in the field. The result has been product enhancements specifically addressing the concerns of athletes. Eyewear manufacturers are able to reproduce circumstances such as wind, rain, cold and heat to […]

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Sports Glasses

Being an avid hunter myself, I appreciate the eyewear needs of other sports enthusiasts. Whether you work outdoors for your living or are the occasional weekend golfer, proper eye protection is critical. With 300 days of sunshine per year, the great outdoors beckons Colorado residents. Hunting, fishing, biking, tennis, golf, water and snow skiing […]

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