Pistol Shooting and Your Vision

If you enjoy shooting your pistol, and if you want to improve in your abilities, you will want to understand how your eyes perform in this complex task. Good shooting skills require coordination of the motor system and the visual system. Our eyes tell us what and where the target is, and at the same time they [...]

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Sports Glasses

Being an avid hunter myself, I appreciate the eyewear needs of other sports enthusiasts. Whether you work outdoors for your living or are the occasional weekend golfer, proper eye protection is critical. With 300 days of sunshine per year, the great outdoors beckons Colorado residents. Hunting, fishing, biking, tennis, golf, water and snow skiing all [...]

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Vision and Learning

Research has demonstrated that vision is a contributing factor to an individual's ability to attend and respond to classroom instruction. A major portion of what we learn is taken in through the visual system. There are many aspects of vision which might affect an individual's ability to learn and respond to instruction. It is well [...]

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