What is Pink Eye and how contagious is it?

//What is Pink Eye and how contagious is it?

“Pink eye” is a catch-all term which describes an inflammation of the conjunctiva (conjunctivitis) of the eye caused by a wide range of conditions. While there are many causes of conjunctivitis, these can generally be grouped into 3 main classes: allergic, bacterial, and viral. It is important to point out that conjunctivitis can also be a combination of all three, as well as being exacerbated by contact lens wear or even dry eyes. There are specific symptoms that are classic to each: the hallmark sign for allergic is itching; for bacterial it can be a mucus discharge and/or lid crusting upon awakening; and, for viral it can be an excessive tearing.

Fortunately, allergic conjunctivitis is not contagious, and we treat this type with Pataday prescription eye drops. Bacterial and viral conjunctivitis can be highly contagious, so it is important to seek out an experienced optometrist for treatment. Finally, one can develop a pink eye from the dry air here in Colorado, and this can also be treated with recommended Systane Ultra, or prescription Fresh-Kote or Restasis eye drops. Don’t hesitate to call our office at 303 772-2755 if you think you have pink eye. Mees & Kaminski Eyecare, P.C. is located at 2130 Mountain View Avenue, Suite 207 in Longmont next to Longmont United Hospital.

Author: Dr. Jason Kaminski

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